Friday, March 9, 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Desire Wallet - READY STOCK !



Name: Desire Wallet 1
Color: Black , Red
Design: 升级版结构:卡位11card lots,Cash lot:大钞位1,Coin lot: 拉链位1,photo slot: 相片位1
Material: 产品材质:100% cow skin leather
Measurement: 产品尺寸: 包宽Wide: 19cm    H: 包高10cm     Width:包厚2cm
Our PRICE: RM159.00 poslaju included


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 with camera flash 

 without camera flash

Such a unique small clutch bags in town, comes with 2 design and size,
just depend which one you are really need and want!

Design 1: without sling
Measurement: 18cm x 10cm
It is yours only at: RM49 with Poslaju

Design 2: with sling
Measurement: 20cm x 12cm
It is yours only at: RM69 with Poslaju


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bamboo Nanotechnology Squeeze Waist Pant

The Bamboo Nanotechnology Squeeze Waist Pant

Instantly slims and trims your midsection.
  • It tight to covers up unnecessary fats on the body but not flattens your butt.
  • Waist Pant with rubber upper layer to squeeze body fat and cotton in lower part which make you perfect comfort to wear without any discomfort.
  • Improves your posture and creates a hourglass figure.
  • You will look 1 to 2 sizes smaller immediately
  • Reduces waist line immediately
  • Immediately firms and flattens the abdomen 

    Limited Stocks  !
Sold up more than 30pcs till date!!
Item Name: The Bamboo Nanotechnology Squeeze Waist Pant Free Size: (Fits S-L)
Model Waist: 28cm
Color: nude
OUR Price @ RM 42 with POSLAJU

Customer Feedback:

it is certainly comfortable, not too tight until cannot breathe and does not roll down the waist like some of the other high waisted types.
but the rubbery smell is quite strong, takes some getting used to, maybe coz i didnt wash first before wearing! anyhow, i wear it over my usual undies ha ha...

Item Name: The Bamboo Nanotechnology Ventilated Slimming Pant
Free Size: (Fits S-L)
Model Waist: 28cm
Color: nude
OUR Price @ RM 33 with POSLAJU 
Last Piece

Item Name: Low Cut Seamless Bamboo Cotton Squeeze Pant
Free Size: (Fits S-L)
Color: Nude Pink
Material: 100% stretchable cotton with lace 
Low cut design , but the Best thing is, it could cover up your lower stomach fats! perfect wear it with your low cut jean/skirts/dress!
OUR Price @ RM 20 with POSLAJU